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London Quilters Exhibition


The London Quilters "Coming Home" exhibition at the Swiss Cottage Central Library has something for everyone. You'll see simple hand-sewn patchwork made by absolute beginners (we are featuring Tracy Chevalier's first quilt, stitched while she wrote her latest book, The Last Runaway). There are patchwork and appliqué quilts specially made for children, and there are cutting-edge pieces by well-known quilt artists such as Marlene Cohen, Janice Gunner, Linda Seward and Sabi Westoby. The sheer variety in the fabrics and colours of the quilts will provide much inspiration. For those who don't know about quilting, there are always two London Quilters stewarding the show who will be glad to take visitors on a personal tour, or answer questions. There are many small hand-made items for sale, and a bed-size quilt that is being raffled for charity. Do come along and become lost for half an hour or longer in the wonderful world of quilt making.

The exhibition will run during library opening hours until 4th January (closed bank holidays). Admission is free.

PS Don't miss the separate exhibition, also displayed in the library, of quilts made by London Quilters to commemorate the centenary of World War 1.