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Spring Quilters' Day

Not the most exciting picture but a schematic of how to get to the new venue

 VENUE for Spring Quilters; Day

A good number of positive comments were received after last October's Quilters Day about the venue we had found as an alternative to Heythrop College so we have booked it for Quilters' Days Spring and Autumn 2015. (The meetings in June are at other venues - see the Events page)

Bolney Meadow Community Centre

31 Bolney St, London, SW8 1EZ

Transport links are good - about equidistant from Vauxhall, Stockwell and The Oval stations which covers mainline trains, Victoria line and Northern line and about 10 min walk from each or there are several bus routes that get you fairly close.

From Vauxhall  get bus 2 or 88 (from stop D at Vauxhall) to Thorne Road stop or walk south along South Lambeth Road (I came out of exit 3 and had to walk under the railway bridge to get in the correct direction)

From Stockwell walk north along South Lambeth Road or get bus 2 or 88 to to Thorne Road stop (turn left out of the station to be going in the correct direction)

From Oval  - bus routes 155 or 333 to Dorset Rd (looking at Google map but I haven't actually tried that route)

Parking - the area is Residents Parking Mon-Fri so parking on the local roads available on Saturday.

PS Google maps gives you Meadow Place as a route to the postcode - don't use that unless you are capable of vaulting over an eight foot wall. You need to enter via Bolney Rd unless we have Superman or Wonderwoman in our midst without knowing it.